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Jul. 27th, 2014

black ships
I've had a couple of new comments lately on Black Ships, so if you're just finding my work, welcome! Please feel free to ask questions or comment.

One reader said, "I was struck by how young all the main characters are. And yet they seem like adults!"

Modern society has a very different idea of where adulthood begins than most other peoples and times. At seventeen Gull is an adult through most of human history. It's only our society that would say she's a child or unable to be fully responsible. And that's our expectation -- we give far less responsibility and trust to young people than most societies have -- far less than most young people are capable of. For example, we would never expect a twelve or thirteen year old to be an apprentice, running a shop or making things that people use or seriously learning a craft. And yet in most of human history twelve and thirteen year olds have been doing these things. It's not that they're intrinsically incapable -- but that modern society has not prepared them for it.

Neas, at twenty four, is a leader of his people and again in most societies a man twenty four is a husband and a father. We say he's barely out of college and too young to have "found himself." Xandros at twenty is a captain and already widowed. We'd say he was too young to drink. Gull, having her son at eighteen, is perfectly normal for her society rather than a "teen mother."

I think one of the big disconnects in our society is the frustration that comes from infantalizing young adults instead of expecting them to step up to maturity. They have the exact same potential as young adults have had throughout human history, and yet they're relegated to the nursery. They're not supposed to be working, making, and doing. They're not supposed to have relationships, form families, have children. And so I think there's this enormous frustration that comes out in unhelpful ways because they aren't actually allowed to do the things that they would normally do in most human cultures and times. I think that's often the root of destructive behavior -- the inability to do anything actually meaningful. In fact, the very term "young adult" is a problem. How about just "adult?" How about not putting an eighteen year old in a sandbox? How about having the expectation that an eighteen year old is perfectly capable of adult interaction and responsibility? We know that most are, as most eighteen year olds have been throughout human history. I hope that Black Ships illustrates that.

Unascended paperback

Unascended is now out in paperback! If you've been waiting for the paper copy, it's up on Amazon now and will be on a variety of other sites as soon as they update their webpages. It's a go!


Silver Bullet AudioBook!

Silver Bullet
I'm delighted to announce that the audiobook of Silver Bullet is now available! I try to make sure that all of my books are available in audio, and I hope you enjoy it!

Favorite magic?

Lost Things
A reader asks, "What's your favorite magic in the Order of the Air?"

I think it's the big ritual magic scene at the end of Wind Raker, which is coming up. That's the one that was most difficult and intense, and that so far I'm proudest of. (Though there's one I'm looking forward to writing in Oath Bound that may take first place!)

Which is yours? What's your favorite magic in the Order of the Air?

Unascended -- Elizabeth's past

So a question for the people who have already finished Unascended -- how did you unravel Elizabeth's past?

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Unascended Spoiler/Discussion Thread

Ok, folks! Since some people have sprinted to the end in less than ten hours after it came out, this is the Unascended Spoiler/Discussion thread!

What did you think? What did you like/dislike? What are you wondering about? What are you speculating about? What did you think of the backstory? Of the Vanir? Of the view of Pegasus? Anything!

Warning that there will be spoilers in comments!


Unascended is out!

Unascended is out! The ebook is available here in a variety of formats and here on Amazon! More outlets will follow as other bookstores update their webpages. The print preorder isn't up yet, but it should be in the next few days!

Go! Read! Come back and tell me what you think! :D


How many Order of the Air books are there?

Silver Bullet
A reader asks, "How many Order of the Air books are there? I'm hooked!"

So far there are three out. The fourth will be out this fall and the fifth next spring. But that's the tip of the iceberg! The Order of the Air is:

Lost Things -- set in 1929, published in 2012 Curse tablets, a Roman demon released on the world, a doomed airship... This is the team's first adventure.

Steel Blues -- set in 1932, published 2013 An intercontinental air race, the unsolved murders of the New Orleans Axeman, a cursed necklace and a jewel thief.... This is Stasi's first book.

Silver Bullet -- set in late 1932, published 2014 A mysterious series of plane crashes, a haunted silver mine, and legendary scientist Nikola Tesla!

Wind Raker -- set in 1935, out fall 2014 The team is in Hawaii -- Jerry on his first archaeological dig in nearly two decades, and everyone else testing a sea plane. But an old enemy is also in town, and he's playing an even more dangerous game.

Oath Bound -- set in 1936 Alexandria! Jerry is on the track of the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, but when Iskinder shows up a hunted man with a priceless treasure, Jerry and the team have a desperate flight up the Nile into the heart of a war.

Fire Season -- set in 1939 It's a bad year for Colorado wildfires, and Alma and Lewis are dropping smoke jumpers. Meanwhile, Mitch, Stasi and Jerry are sucked into a deadly net in Los Angeles with unsolved murders and secret agents.

Invisible Wars -- set in 1940 The US isn't at war, but the team is, whether it's Jerry's esoteric work in London, Alma's work in Canada for the RAF, or Mitch and Stasi facing spies and submarines on North Carolina's Outer Banks.

Ghost Light -- set in 1941 Alma is flying for the ATA and it's time to show her mettle. Meanwhile, Jerry has a problem to solve in London -- how are bombers homing in on targets using the elusive Ghost Light?

Night World -- set in early 1942 Mitch and Lewis are activated as reservists and are training a new squadron, while Jerry and Stasi have to do the impossible -- ward a city against air attack!

Operation Eagle -- set in late 1942 The battle for North Africa has begun. Mitch and Lewis are at war, but when a clandestine Nazi dig in the desert and a mysterious submarine enter the picture, it's time for Jerry and Alma to take a hand.

And there will be more after that!

What looks interesting to you?

Character game

A couple of people asked if we could play the character game as we come up on the release of Unascended on Thursday. Ok!

You pick a character in comments, and I'll give you a little peek at what they're doing in Unascended!

Unascended will be out in ebook from on Thursday, and then from other outlets in the next few days as they update their websites. Preorders for the print books will also begin on Thursday, with the print books due to ship on July 24. (It takes about two weeks to physically print the books.) Not long now!


Wind Raker -- July 4th

Lost Things
In keeping with posting holidays from the Order of the Air books on the actual holiday, I thought I'd share a piece from the next book, Wind Raker. This is Jerry's July 4th in Hawaii, only his new lover comes with complications!

I'd love to hear what you think!

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