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More Stargate!

The new Stargate short story anthology Points of Origin will be out tomorrow! It's up for preorder now, and the ebook will be coming your way tomorrow! (The print version will be a few weeks. It's at the printer and it takes time to physically print and ship the books.)

I have a story in there that I'm very fond of -- about General Hammond. There are some other great stories in there too. I particularly enjoyed Laura Harper's Jack story, Geonn Cannon's Janet story, and lest you think it's all SG-1, Amy Griswold has a fantastic Ronon story set on Sateda before the Wraith attack. So go check it out!


Oct. 22nd, 2015

It's ficathon season, and I'm so pleased to see people requesting my books as sources for various ficathons, whether that's Hand of Isis and Stealing Fire, Legacy-compliant Stargate Atlantis fic, or the Order of the Air! In the past I've done ficathons myself and even surprised a reader or two with original stories based on my own books that they had requested. I don't have time to do ficathons this year, to make word count and deadlines etc, so here's my offer instead: give me a story request for any of my works that I own copyright on, and I will try to give you an original ficlet, short story or drabble to your request! Sadly, this does not include Stargate Atlantis or SG-1, because I do not own the copyright and I cannot professionally write fanfic for an MGM property. However, it does include all my original works: Black Ships, Hand of Isis, Stealing Fire, Ravens of Falkenau, General's Mistress and Emperor's Agent, all of the Order of the Air books from Lost Things to Wind Raker, and also Cythera. I can't promise how fast I'll get them done, but here's your chance to request a story for you as my thanks to you for reading.

Working on now?

A reader asks,"What are you working on now?"

Right now I'm working on several things. In the shortest term, I'm working on a short story for the new Stargate anthology that will be out late this year. It's called Precognition and it's about George Hammond, one of my favorite characters in SG-1. There's a lot of research involved because I have to write a convincing Vietnam-era dogfight in the F-4 Phantom, and that's the kind of detail I'd better get right because there will be readers who have flown one. Fortunately, there are some good audio tapes available of actual missions, and I can try to do a good job.

I'm also working on a Stargate Atlantis novella, which is tentatively called Mysteries of Emege. It's set post-Legacy and is scheduled to be out in April next year. It's centered on Teyla and Rodney.

Oath Bound is in edits, and we're still aiming for late November. I am so excited about Oath Bound!

After I finish Precognition I'm going to get started on the next Order of the Air book, Fire Season. It's set in the summer of 1939, so three years after Oath Bound. I am really looking forward to it. Not only will we have Pelley back as a villain (he's not in Oath Bound) but we will have some old friends as well. Right now I'm reading up on one of the historical figures who will be appearing, Otto Katz.

I am still stuck figuring out the last two chapters of The Marshal's Lover, so as soon as I have that straightened out, it will be moving toward publication.

I'm also in the first stages of a dark fantasy/horror novella with Amy Griswold which is set in New York in 1980. I'm really excited because one of our main characters is C.P. Cavafy! (Yes, he died in 1933. Therein is the story....) :)

So what do you think, my friends? Anything you're particularly looking forward to or wish I'd write?

A World More Numinous

A reader asked me, "How much of Patton's beliefs in Wind Raker are true?" I had posted about this on my private journal when I was working on Wind Raker, so here's my best answer -- all of his beliefs as presented in Wind Raker are as far as I know absolutely true. But this is certainly not the first time I've used them.

Here is the jumping off point -- what if everything he believed about himself and about his past lives were literally true? Not delusions, not metaphors. What if he were actually right about his own experiences?

So what did he say? Let's start with the poem he wrote in which he addresses it all most directly and take a look at a world more numinous.

Through a Glass, and DarklyCollapse )


Theme Songs

I always have a theme song or two that I listen to over and over while I'm writing a book, and the one for Oath Bound is Sharon Robinson singing Alexandra Leaving. Here's the live version:

This is Leonard Cohen's adaptation of a poem by C.P. Cavafy, Alexandria's great modern poet who, though he died three years before Oath Bound, does take a hand in Jerry's search for the Tomb of Alexander the Great! In a way, Jerry's sections of Oath Bound are a love song to the City, Alexandria again, changed and changeless. If you've read Hand of Isis and Stealing Fire, you'll recognize a few things here and there. (If you haven't, no worries.) For example, the statue called the Lochias Kouros that Jerry has worked on also appeared in Stealing Fire. The statue pulled out of the harbor that Jerry talks about appeared on the long seaward balcony in Hand of Isis. The Alabaster Tomb, which was indeed excavated just before World War I, is the tomb of Lydias and his family in Hand of Isis. Most importantly though, there is an inscription that Jerry doesn't know if is genuine or not which is attributed to "Demetria, the Adoratrice of Isis". Hand of Isis readers know this is our little Demetria, grown up and carrying the torch in her own time, and that absolutely the inscription is genuine. There is also a small flashback to the events of Horus Indwelling, the Lydias story in The Ravens of Falkenau. So it does all tie together!

On an entirely different note, here's the theme song for Mitch and Stasi's plot in Fire Season, which I'm just starting on. I wish I had a Mitch and Stasi vid to this!

This is just so them!


Summer's finally over and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Oath Bound, the fifth Order of the Air book, is off to editing. I'm so pleased with how it came out! I'm working on an outline of a new Stargate Atlantis novella, but it's still in the first stages and hasn't been to MGM yet, so more on that later.

Melissa and I are in the first stages of the sixth Order of the Air book, Fire Season, and it's going to be exciting! Like an episodic tv show, each book tends to focus on particular characters who are getting "their episode." Oath Bound is really a Jerry episode. Fire Season is shaping up to be Stasi and Mitch. And of course all the characters are in it, but who's the focus of the "A plot" shifts. In Oath Bound, the A plot is Jerry and Iskinder and Willi in Alexandria searching for the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, which is very Raiders of the Lost Ark with lots of shivers. Fire Season's A plot is Stasi and Mitch in Los Angeles being film noir detectives. (They both need great hats!)

Someone asked me when the future books would be set, so here's the rundown:

Oath Bound takes place in December 1935 and January 1936, with the epilogue in July 1936, so it's a few months after Wind Raker. Most of the events of Oath Bound actually happened, though not of course to our guys, and we have moved a key fight about a week earlier to fictionalize it. (That's the piece that I'm attaching here.)

Fire Season takes place in July and August 1939, with the events of the last day on September 1. Yes, that's portentous!

Invisible Wars, the one after that, is about a year later, in June 1940. I've been really looking forward to that one because it's the one that will take place on the coast of my native North Carolina. Melissa has been looking forward to it because she finally gets her U-boat!

Ghost Light follows, set in 1941, and Night World in early 1942. After that, tentatively, it's Operation Eagle in the fall of 1942. Ghost Light is mainly in London and various bits of the North Atlantic. Night World is principally in Washington, DC with a side of the Baltic. Operation Eagle is in North Africa.

Someone also asked if we'd be seeing Iskinder again, and if other characters like Willi would be recurring. Yes! Iskinder and Willi are both in Oath Bound. Fire Season will see the return of Henry and his family, as well as one of our big villains from the past. Invisible Wars will bring back not only a villain but also Lorenz and Sommers from Wind Raker. In Ghost Light we'll rejoin Conrad Jezek from the Great Passenger Derby, and in Operation Eagle we'll definitely have more of George Patton from Wind Raker, as well as Willi again.

But! First! It's time for a bit of Oath Bound. This is a pretty non-spoilery bit with Lewis, Mitch, Alma and Iskinder. This is Melissa's beautiful writing, and it's the beginning of a sequence I adore. I've been waiting for five books to see Lewis and Mitch in a dogfight!

Incoming -- Ethiopia, January 1936Collapse )

As a matter of introduction, Colonel Robinson in this scene is the legendary John C. Robinson, known as "the Father of the Tuskegee Airmen".

Third Path spoilers post

So now that it's been out for a little bit and some of you have read it, any thoughts/question on Third Path?

There will be spoilers in comments!


Favorite love scenes?

A reader asks, "What's your favorite love scene that you've written?"

Wow, that's a hard question! Love scenes, which is a lot broader than sex scenes, are some of my favorite things to write. I can't pick one. So here are my favorites, more or less in order of publication.

1. Charmian and Emrys on the ship at Tarsus in Hand of Isis. I realize this scene is totally overshadowed by the later one with Dion, but this is the one I go back to reading. This is also the scene that was nearly cut and I had to fight like crazy to keep.

2. Lydias and Bagoas with the massage scene in Stealing Fire. Lydias is such a darling. A little dense, but not as dense as he looks!

3. John and Teyla on the desert planet in The Lost, when she keeps watch. Yes, that's a love scene. That's the scene that changes their relationship, and despite MGM's restrictions I think it's clear to the reader that this is the scene when John realizes that he loves her.

4. Elza and Therese in The General's Mistress, when Elza is being Charles. Ok, it's not love. It's sex. But it reveals so much about Elza.

5. Also from The General's Mistress, Elza and Bonaparte. I do love that scene, and it's one of the ones I'm proudest of because I was working real dialogue from Elza's memoirs into it, translating, and trying to make the blocking work with unblocked dialogue. And I think it worked beautifully.

6. Georg and Izabela's wedding night in The Ravens of Falkenau. Izabela is the best. Also, contrast this scene with Lydias and Sati's wedding in Stealing Fire.

7. Mitch and Stasi in the mausoleum in Steel Blues. I think this scene says everything about why they're perfect for each other.

8. Jack and Sam's letters to one another in The Furies. There's nothing in them that wouldn't be ok if they were read by Walter, General Landry, and half the SGC -- or the powers at MGM. And yet. Sam's last letter, the one unsent, gives me a catch in my throat.

9. Elza and Michel in The Emperor's Agent, pretty much all of it. Ok, most of all the scene toward the end when he just gives her his pistol. That's the moment when he's agreed to this relationship on her terms. He's not going to try to stop her or rescue her. He's going to trust her as a Companion, as his equal.

10. Mitch and Stasi and the dance rehearsal scene in Silver Bullet. Nuff said.

11. Cythera and Athain and Hereu and the masque of Sun and Earth in Cythera. I just love that scene. I got everything I wanted in it.

12. Osprey and Wind in Secrets, because even in their very brief scenes together you can see how they work, and how the future will be shaped by their devotion to one another.

So what are your favorites, my friends? The ones I chose or some others?


Third Path is out!

The Third Path is out! It's up for sale in ebook on Amazon and will follow on other websites as they update their sites. The paper copies will be about two weeks, as that's how long it takes to actually print and ship them. I can't wait to hear what you think, and I hope you enjoy this final chapter of the Legacy series.


Favorite Legacy book

As we get ready for tomorrow's release of Third Path, the eighth and last book of the Legacy series, a poll!

Which is your very favorite Legacy book?

The Lost
The Furies

You can tell me why in comments if you like.