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Third Path spoilers post

So now that it's been out for a little bit and some of you have read it, any thoughts/question on Third Path?

There will be spoilers in comments!


Favorite love scenes?

A reader asks, "What's your favorite love scene that you've written?"

Wow, that's a hard question! Love scenes, which is a lot broader than sex scenes, are some of my favorite things to write. I can't pick one. So here are my favorites, more or less in order of publication.

1. Charmian and Emrys on the ship at Tarsus in Hand of Isis. I realize this scene is totally overshadowed by the later one with Dion, but this is the one I go back to reading. This is also the scene that was nearly cut and I had to fight like crazy to keep.

2. Lydias and Bagoas with the massage scene in Stealing Fire. Lydias is such a darling. A little dense, but not as dense as he looks!

3. John and Teyla on the desert planet in The Lost, when she keeps watch. Yes, that's a love scene. That's the scene that changes their relationship, and despite MGM's restrictions I think it's clear to the reader that this is the scene when John realizes that he loves her.

4. Elza and Therese in The General's Mistress, when Elza is being Charles. Ok, it's not love. It's sex. But it reveals so much about Elza.

5. Also from The General's Mistress, Elza and Bonaparte. I do love that scene, and it's one of the ones I'm proudest of because I was working real dialogue from Elza's memoirs into it, translating, and trying to make the blocking work with unblocked dialogue. And I think it worked beautifully.

6. Georg and Izabela's wedding night in The Ravens of Falkenau. Izabela is the best. Also, contrast this scene with Lydias and Sati's wedding in Stealing Fire.

7. Mitch and Stasi in the mausoleum in Steel Blues. I think this scene says everything about why they're perfect for each other.

8. Jack and Sam's letters to one another in The Furies. There's nothing in them that wouldn't be ok if they were read by Walter, General Landry, and half the SGC -- or the powers at MGM. And yet. Sam's last letter, the one unsent, gives me a catch in my throat.

9. Elza and Michel in The Emperor's Agent, pretty much all of it. Ok, most of all the scene toward the end when he just gives her his pistol. That's the moment when he's agreed to this relationship on her terms. He's not going to try to stop her or rescue her. He's going to trust her as a Companion, as his equal.

10. Mitch and Stasi and the dance rehearsal scene in Silver Bullet. Nuff said.

11. Cythera and Athain and Hereu and the masque of Sun and Earth in Cythera. I just love that scene. I got everything I wanted in it.

12. Osprey and Wind in Secrets, because even in their very brief scenes together you can see how they work, and how the future will be shaped by their devotion to one another.

So what are your favorites, my friends? The ones I chose or some others?


Third Path is out!

The Third Path is out! It's up for sale in ebook on Amazon and will follow on other websites as they update their sites. The paper copies will be about two weeks, as that's how long it takes to actually print and ship them. I can't wait to hear what you think, and I hope you enjoy this final chapter of the Legacy series.


Favorite Legacy book

As we get ready for tomorrow's release of Third Path, the eighth and last book of the Legacy series, a poll!

Which is your very favorite Legacy book?

The Lost
The Furies

You can tell me why in comments if you like.


Oath Bound

Oath Bound is now officially finished! From here on out it's editing and process. And I should have the cover art to post very soon.

The fifth Order of the Air book, Oath Bound takes place in December 1935 and January 1936, about six months after Wind Raker. Jerry is on the dig of a lifetime in Egypt, searching for the Pylon of Isis in Alexandria, which he hopes is the key to finding the lost tomb of Alexander the Great. Meanwhile, Alma, Mitch and Lewis are showing the Catalina flying boat at an airshow in Italy. When Iskinder arrives in Alexandria with a terrible secret, hunted across the continent by agents of the Italian government, everything changes.

There are some firsts in this book. Melissa has written a gorgeous dogfight scene with Lewis and Mitch. I've been waiting five books to see Lewis in his element. This is the first dogfight in the series, but by no means the last.

Another first is this is the first time we've seen Stasi do what she does best, and she truly is a most excellent jewel thief!

And Alexandria. Back to Alexandria. I adored writing the hunt for the Soma and a tiny flashback cameo for Demetria from Hand of Isis!

I hope you love Oath Bound as much as I do!



SGA-23 Third Path (Leg 8) cover full size 2

Thursday, July 16, the final book in the Legacy series!

I'm so excited!


Oath Bound -- Blood and Gold

It's time for a preview of Oath Bound, the fifth Order of the Air book. In which we join Jerry and Willi in Alexandria! I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Alexandria, 1935Collapse )


Where the stories come from

A bunch of people have asked over the years where the stories come from that we tell in The Order of the Air. Many of them are based on real incidents either that happened to people our families know, or that we heard about somewhere. Here's a perfect example from the May 2015 issue of Air and Space, from a retrospective article on V-E day. The man this actually happened to is Richard Leo Smith, of the 303rd Bomb Group, a B-17 unit that was based in England. I'll quote the story to you in his words:

We went to Wiesbaden on the 15th of August, 1944. My squadron, the 360th, had 36 airplanes in it. And the first we eer saw any Folke-Wulf 190s was over that target. A hundred of them made one pass, and shot down 12 of those 36 airplanes. Our number 3 engine quit, and we feathered the prop and made it back. The tire was blown on that side and we ended up in a field.

We were sitting in the officers' club that night and the crew chief comes in and says, "I found out why your number 3 engine quit -- I dug this out of the supercharger." And he held up a 20-millimeter shell. He says, "It went through your number 3 main tank, blew the tire on the right side, and stopped in the supercharger. And here's why you're still alive." He pours out a bunch of sand from the shell and says, "Some Polish slave laborer had filled it full of sand instead of gunpowder." That's why I'm still here.

And that's a story we have to retell. That solitary act of defiance and courage, never knowing what came of it, saved eleven men.

So look for that story when we get to the right point in the series. That's the kernel we'll build a chapter or two around.


Current Stargate projects

A reader asks, "What's the status of your Stargate projects? I want more!"

Right this moment the eighth Legacy book, The Third Path, is at MGM for edits. It will probably be back to me and Melissa in the next few weeks. Its projected release date is August, so not long!

I've also just started working on my short story for the next anthology of Stargate short stories, which will be out this fall. The theme of this anthology is backstories! My story is about General Hammond and Jacob Carter, and it's going to be challenging and fun!

A roundup of questions

Time for a roundup of questions! I've divided them out by series.

StargateCollapse )

The Order of the Air (with minor spoilers for Wind Raker)Collapse )

Numinous WorldCollapse )