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More about Allegiance

A reader asks, "Anything further on when Allegiance will be out?"

Right now my best info is mid November. It's supposed to be back from MGM in mid October, and that's the turn around time needed to get it out after it's approved.

Another reader asks, "What's your favorite thing in Allegiance?"

Tough question! I read it as it was being written, and I've read it over and over since because I was writing later books that needed to match perfectly, and I have so many favorite parts. I love Ronon's return to Sateda. I love Rodney's...big scene. (not to be spoilery!) I love Lorne's really heroic moment. I love Radek on Sateda. But I suppose if I were picking, because it's one of my favorite characters, I love Sam in command of the Hammond. I've got a weakness for big space battles, and this one kicks butt!