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Nechayev in The Avengers

The other day someone asked if the Russian IOA member, Konstantin Nechayev, would be back in Allegiance. He's certainly back in Avengers, so here's a little snippet of Nechayev and Jack O'Neill!

It was the best seafood in DC, or at least the best in a place that wasn't pretentious and full of power meetings. Jack O'Neill rolled up the sleeves of his plaid cotton shirt and waved as his guest came in the door, looking around cheerfully before he wound his way among the tables and sat down opposite.

"A fine idea," said Konstantin Nechayev, tossing his jacket into the other side of the booth. "We are cold warriors again, meeting in some out of the way place where we will pretend to be fishermen."

"I never did that," Jack said, deadpan. "I really did work on a trawler out of Gdansk."

Nechayev laughed as the waitress came over. "I will have whatever beer he is having. And I was on a shrimp boat just off Key West."

Jack waggled a finger. "I thought there was something Forrest Gump like about you, Konstantin."

Nechayev flipped open the laminated menu. "So this is on your expense account or mine?"

"Whichever," Jack said.

Nechayev looked at him over the menu. "It is sad, is it not? The things you do for your country. Dinner with an IOA member -- what could be more dismal?"

"Dinner with a system lord," Jack replied. He looked up at the waitress. "I'll have the Fisherman's Platter with the clam strips."