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If you've been waiting for The Ravens of Falkenau to be out in paperback and available on Amazon, it's here! I love the wonderful cover by Wanda Lybarger, and I hope that you enjoy the book.

Also, a reader asks, "You said that the main character of your new book is in the story Winter's Child. But surely the little girl is too young? Or is this like Lucia at the end of Hand of Isis?"

The main character of my new book is indeed in the story Winter's Child, but she's not the little girl. She's her grandmother.

There is a sudden disturbance at the entrance to the inn yard. An open topped carriage is stopping and a woman getting down. She’s wearing a fashionable bonnet trimmed with feathers, and she’s dressed in rose, not the pale kind of pink Natia thinks of as rose, but the dark rich saturated pink of real roses opening in the sun. She has a short jacket and gloves, but as she steps down Natia can see that her boots are black and scuffed, low heeled and meant for walking. The innkeeper and the stable boys are all running to do her bidding. She turns, and her eyes sweep over the yard.

Now that Natia sees her better she’s not so young. The hair visible under the bonnet is gold, but her face has lines around her mouth and eyes, and there is a long scar across her forehead over one eye, clear and white as a sword. Her eyes are dark blue. When she moves she walks like a man, like a general must walk, a stable boy running ahead of her into the inn. She takes off one glove with a snap.

Charmian and Lydias at once....