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Another Anthology?

A reader asks, "You said you might do another anthology if The Ravens of Falkenau did well enough. Did it? Will there be another?"

I'm very pleased with how The Ravens of Falkenau has done, and so is my publisher, so yes, it is likely there will be another anthology! I've been playing with some ideas, and I'm pretty sure what the big novella will be -- Sword of Pharaoh, a story about Lydias and the siege of Rhodes, his later service to Ptolemy. I also have a number of short stories that I'm working on or have finished, including a pirate story set in Polynesia and a twentieth century story called A Distant Post which is the same narrator as Brunnhilde in the Fire. At some point I want to do a longer story about the Island of the Dead and what happened that Gull barely remembers. So there are lots of stories waiting to be told!

The new anthology will most likely be next spring, however. I'm about to start revisions to Fortune's Wheel for my publisher, and I'm right in the middle of writing Sword Queen, the third book about the Wars of Revolution. After that I have The Inheritors to work on with Melissa and Amy, so I don't think I'll be able to seriously work on Sword of Pharaoh until after the beginning of the year.

Another reader asks, "What's going on with the Legacy series?"

I have no news. We are still stuck in MGM's negotiations, and I have no further information at all. As soon as I do have a release date for Allegiance and Avengers I will absolutely post it here! Thank you for your patience as we wait on MGM.


Aug. 18th, 2011 04:10 pm (UTC)
Argh, I hate having to pick favourites!