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A reader asks, "Do you ever write crossovers? Like your characters in other places and times interacting with characters from various books or movies?"

Yes, but I usually only share them with my friends! Sometimes I get an idea that's so much fun I just have to write it. For example, I did a story about Dion (from Hand of Isis) finding the stargate at Giza. I also wrote a fairly long and fun one called God's Children (a takeoff on the title of the first episode of SG-1, Children of the Gods) in which the historical archaeologist Denon has brought the stargate back to France from the Egyptian expedition, and Apophis uses it for a raid. Naturally Napoleon authorizes a gate team to go attempt to rescue those Apophis kidnapped, and just as naturally this gate team is Elza, Corbineau, and two characters from The Companion, my second Elza book! That one was so much fun that I seriously could have done a whole book! Also, it was really interesting to me to write Napoleon pov, something that I don't have in Fortune's Wheel, when we only see him from the outside.

Occasionally I post something when it's subtle enough. For example, I did a Stargate Atlantis story in my fannish identity that's set during the episode The Return where, if you look carefully, John Sheppard is talking to Gull's late 20th century incarnation. Gull and company are so pervasive that it's hard to keep them out of things! I try for it to be unobtrusive when they wander in. I doubt most people will notice that in the upcoming SGA novel The Avengers that it's Gull hanging with Sam Carter! :)