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Fortune's Wheel

A reader asks, "Which one of your other books is Fortune's Wheel most like?"

That's a really tough question, because in some ways it's like one and in some ways another. I suppose I'd say it's halfway between Hand of Isis and Stealing Fire. Like Hand of Isis, there's court intrigue and racy sex and about the same balance of the mystical and mundane. But like Stealing Fire there are battles and war sequences and the story of the life of the baggage train. So it's pretty much in the middle.

Another reader asks, "Is Lydias' flash-forward in Stealing Fire to Fortune's Wheel?"

Yes! You are very astute! Lydias' flash forward is to the main character of Fortune's Wheel, but not to this book -- the other end of the flash forward will be in one of the later books about the Wars of Revolution.

The same reader then asks, "If so, how do you keep that all in your head? How did you know what you were going to write?"

I wrote the section with Elza fifteen years before I wrote Stealing Fire! It was actually the other way around. I wrote the section with Lydias to match the piece I'd already done.