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The Best Thing?

A reader asks, "What's the best thing you've ever written?"

That's such a difficult question for any author! There are things I loved to write and things I loved to read, things that were difficult that I'm proud of how they came out and things that were deliciously easy and flowed like you always want them to. I love John flying the city in Homecoming -- the two pages of the departure from Earth were an opportunity to take all the stops out and soar. I love the battle to steal the hearse in Stealing Fire -- that was technically difficult and I'm absolutely pleased with the results. I enjoyed the first scene with Mik-el and Gull in Black Ships more than almost anything. I think the extended desert trek in The Lost is probably the best I've ever done in terms of an extended, several chapter action sequence. And the night flight and travel into Egypt in Stealing Fire when Lydias was delirious is a sequence I love to show off.

But the best thing? The combination of all of the above, the soaring high notes and the carefully plotted action, the mysticism and the vision and the character development and the thread of desire? The last chapter of the second Wars of Revolution book, the one tentatively called The Emperor's Companion -- that's the best thing I've ever written.