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Legacy Updates and Questions

A reader asks, "What's the latest on Allegiance?"

It's expected back at any moment from MGM, and then it will be about four weeks until the book comes out. So still November!

A reader asks, "Are we ever going to find out more about the origins of the Wraith?"

Yes! That's one of the secrets in Secrets!

A reader asks, "Will they rescue Rodney in Allegiance?"

You know I can't answer that! Major spoilers! You'll have to wait and see! :)

A reader asks, "Do you still write fanfiction?"

Yes, absolutely. No, I cannot tell you my fannish identity on my pro journal. Recently I've been writing a lot of Sanctuary fic. I love and adore The Five and I write them in almost every possible combination. Yes, I've even written Helen/Nigel, though that takes some doing! I'm fascinated by the historical settings and I've got a long series of stories set in the Victorian period with The Five when they were young.

A reader asks, "Do you mind people writing fanfiction for your books?"

I love it when people write fic for my books! I can't think of any greater compliment than having people love my characters so much that they want to continue their stories.


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Oct. 24th, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
I love it when people write fic for my books!

Regarding that... I still have another fic for The Lost half on my hard drive, half in a note book (hard copy notebook with paper, I mean... I carry three of them around by default...). I just need to relearn how to decipher my own handwriting... :S
Oct. 25th, 2011 05:36 pm (UTC)
Oh cool! It's such a compliment that you've written for The Lost. I'm so glad you like it that much!

I think you're really going to like Allegiance. There is a lot of good Lorne in Allegiance, including one fairly spectacularly heroic moment.
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Oct. 25th, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
No, it never stops anyone! Or if it does, then what?

I think it's the dumbest thing in the world to try to stop people from writing fic for your books because that's turning off your biggest fans, the people who are literally out there spreading the word about your books word of mouth and getting people excited about them. They're your very best marketing! Seriously, what could be more counterproductive than ticking off your own fans?
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 25th, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
Me too. Recently I didn't buy the new book by an author I've enjoyed in the past in a series I really liked because of what she said about fanfiction. Sorry, there are so many good books and so little time! I don't have time to read something by an author who gives off the vibe that she looks down on me. Nope. There are plenty of other things to read. And this was an author I had widely recced and had written wonderful reviews for. No more. I haven't read her latest and don't plan to.
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