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The Age of Revolution Books

A reader says, "Your age of revolution books -- I'm confused! Is this like the ancient world trilogy with books about three different people? How many books are there? What's coming out when?"

There are three Age of Revolution books completed and three more I'm working on. The first book, The General's Mistress, is out next October from Gallery Books, a part of Simon & Schuster! All the books have the same main character, Elza, and are based on the memoirs of Ida St. Elme, who wrote about her extraordinary life.

The General's Mistress covers the years from 1796-1800, and is the story of how Elza left a life of respectability for freedom and adventure -- and the price she paid for it. It's also the story of how she found love, and most importantly the story of how she began to find herself, to realize that she is more than she appears -- Companion and eternal oracle.

The Emperor's Companion covers 1804-1805, and is the story of how she comes into her own as a player in this dangerous game of thrones, not merely a pawn for others. She loses love and finds it again, but most importantly she claims her own power as the Emperor's Companion.

The Marshal's Lover covers 1807-1809, and is the story of how she wields the power she claimed, what she decides she stands for, and what she does to take control of not only her story, but the Great Story as well.

It's quite a ride!