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Moebius Squared -- Carter's New Toy

Hedwig was asking me the other day about Moebius Squared, the SG-1 novel that Melissa Scott and I did. It's still in the pipe! To the best of my knowledge, here's the lineup for the SG-1 books.

Next (probably in February) is Peter Evans' Oceans of Dust. I've been looking forward to this one! I understand it's Teal'c centric, with Master Bra'tac.

Toward the end of the spring we have Legacy writer Amy Griswold's Heart's Desire. I've read this one cover to cover. It's set third season. When Daniel locates an Ancient device that gives everyone on the team their heart's desire, the results are not good!

Then there's Moebius Squared, by me and Melissa. Two teams -- twice the trouble! It has the immediately post-Continuum team and the alternate team left in Ancient Egypt in the episode Moebius both.

Further out, there are two other books I know about -- Diana Dru Botsford's The Drift and Melissa Scott's Ouroboros.

But since Moebius Squared is the one that's mine, a little preview from it for Hedwig! This is toward the beginning, with the Continuum team five days after Baal's extraction ceremony where (in our timeline) absolutely nothing happened!

Sam bent over the control board, a fascinated expression on her face. "I think this is some kind of time travel machine," she said.

"Come again?" Cam said.

"Time travel." She looked up at him, her hands still on the keys. "Other than Ancient artifacts, the only way we know of to travel through time occurs at the intersection of an active wormhole and a solar flare. The problem is that solar flares are only predicable for a few minutes before, and the only way to guess when you would go would involve intersecting the solar flare with a wormhole in the correct place by dialing the right gate at the right moment. Essentially impossible. Unless, of course, you can monitor the solar activity of hundreds of suns and simultaneously calculate where each one would take you if you dialed what. I think that's what this machine does."

"Oh, not good," Daniel said.

"Indeed," Teal'c added, his voice concerned. "Perhaps that is what Baal meant about a failsafe."

"Well, if it is, it didn't work," Cam said sensibly. "Our timeline hasn't changed."

"Would we know if it had?" Sam asked. "I don't think so."

"I feel the same as always," Cam said.

"You would feel the same as always," she said. "We all would. If the timeline changed, we'd never be aware that we were now living in an alternate universe, or that other ones of us might have had very different experiences."

"That's creepy," Cam said.

Sam looked disturbed. "Tell me about it."

"Wait," Daniel said. "But we do know. Remember the video tape we got from the jar hidden in Egypt? The one from a team of alternate us that told us not to do anything? The one found about four years ago?"

"That's different," Sam said. "They had crossed over from an alternate timeline into our past, so now they were in the same timeline, just at a different point in it."

"You have totally lost me," Cam said. He thought Teal'c wanted to agree, but he wouldn't say it.

"Look, it's like sheets of paper. If you have a legal pad, say. You can draw a circle on the first page, and then on page four, and then another on page one. You can't see the ones on page one and page four at the same time because they're on different planes, and they're two dimensional objects. But you can see both the circles on page one at the same time because while they don't occupy the same coordinates, they're on the same plane."

Daniel's brow furrowed. "So you're saying that alternate team and us are on the same plane, in the same timeline, but we're just at different points, whereas teams from another alternate reality, like the quantum mirror ones, aren't in the same timeline."

"Yes." Sam nodded encouragingly. "It's really simple."

"So this…." Cam gestured to the machinery, "This can only move us backwards and forwards in our own timeline."

"That's my best guess," Sam said. She pushed her bangs back out of her face. Her hair had grown out and was now caught in a pony tail at the back of her neck. "Just like Janus' puddlejumper."

"I don't even want to think about that thing," Daniel said. "Or anything else to do with Janus." He winced.

"Sorry," Sam said. "Sore spot."

"Damn right." Daniel had only been out of the infirmary for two weeks since his latest brush with one of Janus' inventions. This one had gotten him kidnapped and electrocuted.

They all spun around as the gate began to activate.

"Firing positions," Cam said, crouching down beside the control panel. If someone were making a grab for Baal's facility….

The wormhole opened and stabilized, a glittering puddle of blue. Cam's radio crackled. "SG-1, this is Stargate Command. You are to return to Earth immediately."

What the…. Cam chinned his radio on. "Stargate Command, we still have a lot to do here. Colonel Carter…."

"Return immediately," the voice of Sergeant Harriman said firmly. "Stargate Command has been attacked."


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Jan. 8th, 2012 03:12 pm (UTC)
Umm...how did you come up with this timeline of events?
In the timeline of episodes Daniel's little excursion to Atlantis took place well after Sam left Atlantis and the events of Continuuum...at least that's the way the writers talked about the course of events.
Jan. 8th, 2012 08:21 pm (UTC)
I'm intrigued. I also like the circles on paper explanation; it's something I could actually understand. Thank you. :)
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