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Hello April!

It's time for the monthly update about what I'm working on and where all of my books are in production. I hope you're having a wonderful spring!

The Avengers, book four of the Legacy series, is still waiting for MGM. We hope that it will be out soon, as it should be out in about six weeks after MGM approves, but we are still waiting for that. As always, this is about their schedules and licensing, not about content. Hopefully it will be soon! Secrets, book five of Legacy, is sitting behind book four in line. Moebius Squared, the SG-1 novel I did with Melissa Scott, is sitting in line behind Secrets. So basically when the line moves they will all advance.

On other fronts, Lost Things, my adventure novel with Melissa set in the 1920s, will be out from Crossroad Press in July! The copy edits are done, the galleys have gone out to reviewers, and the cover will be finished shortly. It's being done by veteran fantasy/sci fi artist Bob Eggleton, and I've seen a preliminary stage with the airship. It looks gorgeous! I'm hoping that I'll have the cover to show you very soon. I am so excited about Lost Things! It's very much in the style of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the same mix of archaeology, adventure, occult plots and light romance -- only with a team rather than a central character. When the archaeological dig at Lake Nemi in Italy in 1929 unearths a Roman curse tablet from the reign of Claudius, they accidentally free an animus infernus bound for two thousand years by the power of the goddess Diana. Our motley crew of aviators, archaeologists and adventurers have to rebind the spirit before terrible things happen on an adventure leading from the Hollywood of the 1920s to a doomed transatlantic airship to the groves of Diana herself at Aricia. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it, because we had a blast!

The General's Mistress will be out from Gallery Books in October, and I'm currently working on the galleys. I'm so excited about it, as I've been working on this book for nearly twenty years, and finished it between Black Ships and Hand of Isis. I think of all my main characters, Elza is my absolute favorite, and I hope you like her too. It's very unusual to see a female trickster character at all, let alone as the hero of her own story -- the adventuress, the courtesan -- and ultimately the Companion. That's what she is, a Companion who is female and who is brave, clever, sexual and ruthless, making her way in this new, modern world. Please come along for the ride!

I'm also working on the sequel to Lost Things, titled Steel Blues, which I have my fingers crossed will also go to Crossroad and perhaps be out next year. We're better than halfway done, and currently I'm flying (or is that fleeing?) from New Orleans to Pensacola, Florida with a cursed necklace, a bogus countess, a main character in a fugue state, and of course lots of people trying to kill them!

So do you guys have any questions or thoughts?


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Apr. 2nd, 2012 05:24 pm (UTC)
Jo, I have pre-ordered The General's Mistress from Amazon, but they don't list Lost Things - where should I go to order it?
Apr. 2nd, 2012 06:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for ordering! I appreciate it!

Lost Things isn't up for preorder yet, and here's why. Barnes and Noble has a special promotion track for small presses. They select one or two small press books per month for a program of intense promotion to all of their readers and through their stores on the condition that for one month, the first month it's out, the book is only available through Barnes and Noble. This is very selective, as they only do a couple per month, and those books tend to do extremely well for small press books. My publisher is trying to get Lost Things accepted as one of these. If that happens, then for the first month it will be exclusive to Barnes and Noble, and then will go to Amazon et al. So it can't go up for preorder on Amazon until we know whether it's been accepted into the program at Barnes and Noble! I hope it does, as the perennial problem of small press books is promotion, and a month of being marketed solidly by B&N would be very good for it. So as soon as we know whether it's in or not it will go up for preorder, but the dates will be different depending.

Also, my publisher is going to do a limited preorder signed copy, where if you preorder with additional shipping he will mail the books to me, I'll sign them, and then I'll mail them to you, as he did with Ravens of Falkenau. That would probably happen during the same month, with them timed to arrive as soon as B&N's exclusive runs out. (Of course one can always buy it from B&N rather than Amazon during that month if one prefers....)

Anyway, the long and short is that it will be up for preorder when we know what the date will be!
Apr. 4th, 2012 12:26 am (UTC)
Lost things
I am haunting Crossroads Press for Lost Things! When you mentioned Raiders of the Lost Ark, I was immediately interested. Any publisher interested yet in the science-fictiony book: Lifeboat? I'm really interested in reading it. As well as Lioness!
Apr. 4th, 2012 02:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Lost things
I promise I'll put a link up as soon as Lost Things goes up for preorder. I'm glad you're excited about it!

I expect it will be a while before Lifeboat is out. We're at the very beginning of the process, and it tends to take a long time. I'm so glad you think it's interesting though!
Apr. 7th, 2012 03:26 pm (UTC)
Looking For More
I've just finished reading Stealing Fire last night. Hand of Isis is my favorite of the three, hands down. I love Egypt. It calls to me. I truly believe that I have been an Egyptian priest. Have you read Joan Grant's past lives biographies that took place in Egypt? I think I've read all her books but one, and her writing is somewhat like yours. You're definitely on my favorite authors list now, with Karen Miller, Carol Berg, Joan Grant and Steven Brust.

Your writing style is marvelous. Also, you must have good editors because I usually find many errors in books and I can't currently recall finding any in the three of yours I've read.

I am definitely looking for more of your work!

~ Raederle
Apr. 9th, 2012 02:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Looking For More
I'm so delighted you enjoyed Stealing fire and Hand of Isis! Thank you! I have not read Joan Grant, but I should probably look her up. Thank you for the tip!

Raederle, huh? Like in Heir of Sea and Fire? :)
Apr. 11th, 2012 11:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Looking For More
Is Raederle the name of someone in a book called Heir of Sea and Fire?

My mom got the name from an old trilogy called The Riddle Master of Hed, and I believe the author (Patricia A. McKillip) made the name up. Although I found the name in a name database and it said the name means "Royal Fortress" and in the book Raederle is a princess who Morgan falls in love with (I think). I was never able to make myself read the trilogy even though I own it as the writing style bores me to pieces.

I hope you do decide to pick up books by Joan Grant. Her historical novels are incredibly detailed, entertaining and timeless, and when I read your books I thought of her often wondering if you had been inspired by her. I even wondered if Jo Graham was a pen name fashioned after the name Joan Grant, since Joan Grants novels are her past lifetimes as she dictated them aloud to her husband(s).

I loved Black Ships too, btw. :D

I really adore your very subtle sex scenes, they're better than erotica books I've read by far.

Is it weird when readers comment on their thoughts of the sex scenes?

My husband says he's not sure he wants to read something that contains man on man action and I told him he should read your books anyway and just skim those parts!


~ Raederle
Apr. 13th, 2012 09:55 am (UTC)
Re: Looking For More
Yes, Heir of Sea and Fire is the middle book in the Riddle Master of Hed, Raederle's book! I loved it so much when I found it in junior high! Your mom and I have the same tastes!

No, it's not weird at all when readers comment on their thoughts of the sex scenes -- I hope they do! The ones in The General's Mistress are less subtle, I'm afraid, but I hope you will like them anyway. Lost Things is much more subtle and I think you will like Alma and Lewis. They're terribly sweet, like Gull and Xandros.
Apr. 18th, 2012 01:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Looking For More
Ah, funny that I wouldn't know the names of the individual books in the trilogy I was named after! I really ought to give it another try.

I like the not so subtle scenes as well. :D

It was very provocative and hilarious when (forgive me I always for names in books) the gay Alexandrian says to Cleopatra's sister, "It's so big!" and she comments on his male lover not having had a daughter come out of his behind...

I couldn't stop laughing to even choke out what was so funny to my husband. That may be the most hilarious scene line I've ever read in any book.
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