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Waterlight and Bronze in The Furies

A while ago I posted the first chapter of The Furies (which comes out June 28) and I have questions about what Bronze and Waterlight look like from a fan artist.

I was thinking a rounded, younger face for Bronze, yes, rather than the very angular face of some of the older Wraith. He's barely out of adolescence, the equivalent of sixteen or seventeen, able to take a man's part in society but still very, very young. I had imagined straight hair, yes, since he's wearing the clasp, which is silver, flat, and heavily ornamented. It's not new. It's no doubt something that he was given as a gift, possibly by his mother, and is the nicest ornament he has. I did imagine his clothes as being more like the commander's in Broken Ties, yes. But in general Waterlight's hive follows the general look of the hive in Allies.

This is not a coincidence! The different lineages and hives are set apart from one another in subtle ways that mostly humans don't notice, but that are very telling to a Wraith. For example, the black gowns with boned bodices generally belong to queens of the lineage of Night, with the exception of the queen in The Hive. The white or off white dresses are usually the lineage of Osprey or Cloud. (The queen in The Rising is of Cloud, in Allies of Osprey.)

Waterlight looks most like the queen in Allies, though her hair is darker and she has a widow's peak. Her gown is cloth, not leather, like the queen in The Rising.

Thorn, Waterlight's mother's consort, has a sharper face and he wears the long black trenchcoat. The long leather coats are popular, but again there are subtle signals about the line of one's birth, one's current status, and the status of one's present queen. In general, clevermen's coats are shorter, but a shorter coat is also fashionable on some hives. Most of Waterlight's men have long, straight hair either clasped or pulled back like Ember's. (Ember himself was born of the lineage of Osprey, though he now serves a queen of the lineage of Night.)

Does this answer your question? I'm always happy to talk Wraith!



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May. 23rd, 2012 12:39 pm (UTC)
I love the detailed thought you've put into all this!
May. 24th, 2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
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