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Real people in Legacy

A reader asks, "I was wondering -- some of the people on Earth seem like real people, like the IOA members. Are they real people? I couldn't find them when I googled."

Stargate has a long tradition of thinly disguised real people, like Vice President Kinsey. Other than Gen. John P. Jumper, then Chief of Staff of the Air Force, playing himself in Lost City part 2, mostly the real people get a pseudonym! That's the tack we've taken. Yes, most of them are real people, but you won't find them googling because they're thinly disguised.

For example, the new US representative to the IOA, former senator Roy Martin, is closely based on former governor Jim Hunt, who I've met on a number of occasions when I worked in politics. The crack about the appointment had to go to either him or Andy Griffith or Dean Smith points there, given that they were the grand old trio who stumped for the president. In real life, Jim Hunt was considered for Secretary of Education, but perhaps the reason he's not is because he's actually doing the IOA instead....

Once in a while someone is under their real name. "Kathryn," who calls a car for Woolsey at the White House in Homecoming, is my friend Kathryn who was a White House intern in the spring of 2009.

Sib, in The Furies, is absolutely a real person, and everything in the chapter "Challenger" really happened just as it does in the book. Only her name was Becky, not Sam, but she was going to the Air Force Academy in the fall and her father was stationed at Tyndall and she didn't have winter shoes. The scene at McDonalds really happened just like that, and the conversation about missile defense and being the people who mattered happened just like that. Sib is me at seventeen, and I was in the White House when the Challenger exploded.



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Aug. 11th, 2012 08:14 am (UTC)
Since you mention the "Challenger" scene, that one brought goose bumps to my skin. The atmosphere in the McDonalds was so spot on. I was only eight years old when the desaster happened but when I saw the images on the news, it struck me that something really profound and terrible had happened.
Aug. 13th, 2012 12:19 pm (UTC)
It was really an amazing moment, and it happened just like that. I was seventeen. Sam is about a month younger than I am, and as I said a lot of that story is based on my roommate from Presidential Classroom, a girl named Becky who was an Air Force brat bound for the Academy in the fall. Everything happened just like that.
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