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January 11th, 2016

Where are the others?

A reader asks, "I've just read Oath Bound and I loved it. I have a big question for you. In Wind Raker we learned where Michel and Elza are in the 20th century. Where are the rest of the companions? Are we going to see them in later books? Maybe Subervie or Corbineau?"

Wow, that's a question! I think, cautiously, that we will see some of them at some point. Maybe Subervie, though I'm not sure yet where he is. I don't think I can bear to write my beloved Jean-Baptiste Corbineau in the 20th century. He's in such a bad place, and it's so organic that I can't make it not be that and be something else. I think we are likely to see Reille, though I don't think it will be a big part. (I could be wrong, since that book is still some way away!) I can safely promise, however, that Michel and Elza will be back!