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July 31st, 2016

Guest Blogger -- Heather Rose Jones

Right now I'm part of a Storybundle with author Heather Rose Jones, and so I'm delighted to welcome her as my very first guest blogger! Her novel Daughter of Mystery, has a lot in common with The Emperor's Agent: an early 19th century setting and a queer woman protagonist, for starters. Here's what she has to say about this wonderful book!

A Web of Women -- Heather Rose Jones

My goal for Daughter of Mystery was to write a ripping good tale of adventure, love, and intrigue. Set in the fictitious country of Alpennia in the early 19th century, Margerit Sovitre is resigned to abandoning her philosophical studies for the approved goal of making a good marriage. When her godfather unexpectedly leaves her a fortune--including a mysterious bodyguard named Barbara--the world opens up along paths she never expected. But those paths, as well as her developing talent for thaumaturgy thrust her into the center of Alpennian politics and soon she and Barbara must flee an accusation of treason.

Beyond the straightforward mind-candy of the adventure (though I like to hope it’s in the “artisanal dark chocolate” category of mind-candy) one underlying theme began to pervade not only Daughter of Mystery but the initial sketches for its sequels: the networks and communities that women build in the face of a society that excludes them from the formal structures of power and agency. Men’s actions may precipitate both Margerit’s hazards and opportunities, but it’s among women that she finds the allies to achieve her goals.

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If you're interested in reading Daughter of Mystery, it's currently on sale as part of the Storybundle promotion, with five books for as little as five dollars, or eleven great books for fifteen. You can find out more here!