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August 8th, 2016


A number of author friends are doing Patreon, and I wanted to find out if it was a good idea for me to. How it works is this: Patreon subscribers pledge a small amount per month, as little as $1, to subscribe to my Patreon website. They have exclusive access to new stories, sketches and chapters from works in progress each month -- it's kind of like subscribing to my own mini magazine -- each month you get new stories and I get a small subscription. I'm considering doing this with Numinous World, Order of the Air, and other original work of mine. (Not Stargate, sadly, as I do not own the copyright.) This would include ancient world stories set in the Numinous World, further adventures of Elza, upcoming bits from the Order of the Air, and some of my newer original work which is waiting for a publisher. So I put it to you: if I did Patreon, would you be interested and what would you consider a reasonable amount that you would spend per month? Also, different subscribers can pay at different levels. For example, a patron who pays $1 might just get the online story each month, while someone who gave much more would get an autographed copy of each of my original novels as it comes out. What do you guys think?

Would you subscribe to my Patreon if I had one?

I'm not sure

If you would subscribe to my Patreon, what would you consider a reasonable subscription?

$1 per month for a 500 word sketch
$2 per month for a 1,000 word sketch or short story
$5 per month for a complete short story or long section of more than 1,000 words
$10 per month for all of the above and a custom sketch for you annually
$20 or more per month for all of the above plus signed copies of each forthcoming novel