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August 15th, 2016

The Eagle's Heir

I am delighted to announce a new project! Amy Griswold and I have been working on an exciting thing -- The Eagle's Heir. The Eagle's Heir is a fully interactive novel set in an alternate history.

It's 1835. Twenty years have passed since France won the Battle of Waterloo and the powers of Europe gave up on removing Napoleon from his throne. In that time, France has concentrated on technological achievement, notably with giving the inventor Robert Fulton carte blanche to develop his new steam engines. Not only do steam ships ply the rivers, but he has also invented the aeropilé, a steam powered airship. However, nations other than France have been quick to adopt these technological advances as well, especially Britain and Austria. After all, they stand to gain the most from the Emperor's eventual death.

That time is coming. Napoleon is getting old, and his only legitimate child was taken to Austria by his mother twenty years ago. Now known as Franz instead of Napoleon Francis, he will be an Austrian puppet on the French throne, bringing France back into the fold of Hapsburg monarchies and undoing the Revolution completely -- unless he's not Napoleon's heir, or once again France becomes a Republic. However, it is likely that either of those things will trigger the general European war that ceased in the wake of Waterloo.

You, the main character of the interactive novel, are the bodyguard and childhood friend of Alexandre Walewski, Napoleon's illegitimate son by Maria Walewska -- the only other possible heir besides Franz. You are also the grandchild of Napoleon's spymaster, Madame St. Elme. Raised from childhood to be equally competent in the ballroom or the battlefield, accustomed to moving in circles both high and low, the fate of Europe may well rest in your hands! You may play as male, female or nonbinary, or as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or asexual. You may present strictly as one gender, or choose (like your grandmother) to have both a male and female persona. With more than a hundred combinations of endings, you can read/play through with many different choices.

The Eagle's Heir will be published early in 2017 by A Choice of Games, an innovator in interactive novels, who have worked with such notable authors as Max Gladstone. Amy and I hope you enjoy it!