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Where are the characters from?

A reader asks where the Lost Things characters are from -- where are their hometowns and what are their backgrounds?

Lewis Segura is from San Diego, California. He's the youngest of three children. His father died when he was three and he was raised by his mother and older sisters. He graduated from high school in 1908 and went to Texas, where he worked on oil rigs for a few years and drove a truck until he enlisted in the army in the Great War. After the war, Lewis was briefly married to a woman named Victoria, but they divorced in 1922. This was a big problem for Lewis as he was and is devoutly Catholic.

Alma O'Reilly Gilchrist was born in Leavenworth, Kansas, but doesn't remember it because she moved before she was a year old. The only child of Irish immigrants who had come to the US in 1885, her mother died when she was born and she grew up on a series of army posts across the west. Her father was a hard riding non com who eventually became a sergeant in the cavalry. Alma loved Colorado best of the places they were posted, which is why she moved home eventually with Gil. Alma best describes her beliefs as "Contrarian". She was raised Catholic in a desultory fashion, but now is more pagan than anything else.

Jerry Ballard is from Baltimore, Maryland, and more about his background will be revealed in the fourth book, Wind Raker. He attended Harvard University as an undergraduate and then did his doctorate at the University of Chicago. His specialty in the field of archaeology is Hellenistic syncretism, and he is thoroughly qualified as a Classicist. He also knows a good deal about Near Eastern archaeology in general. Jerry was raised technically Catholic, but is now more or less generically Christian without following any particular path. He would no doubt have a lot to say about gnosis and syncretism.

Mitchell Sorley is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the oldest child of seven in a large farm family of mixed Moravian and Scottish descent. He has four brothers and two sisters, as per Lewis' vision of Mitch's Christmas memory, in order -- Mitchell, Michael, Robert, Madeline, Frank, Evelyn, Charlie. He graduated in 1914 from Duke University (then Trinity College) with a degree in Classics, and promptly enlisted in the army. Mitch was raised Moravian, but hasn't been to church in years by virtue of there not being a Moravian church within a thousand miles of Colorado Springs.