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Moebius Squared

A reader asks, "What's your favorite thing about your SG-1 book, Moebius Squared?"

It's always so hard to pick a single favorite thing. Ok, three things!

1. The setting -- Early Dynastic Egypt! I've done two books set in Egypt before, in a much later period, and it was tremendous fun to write the same places almost three thousand years earlier. I love ancient Egypt, and it was a blast to write our team in the past.

2. Cam and Vala -- I love them both to pieces. Season nine and ten have their problems, but I like them and it was great to try my hand at both of them. Cam is such a fun viewpoint character too. I think they've moved in and won't leave!

3. Sam's moment of decision -- at this point we've watched Sam grow for twelve years, from twenty something captain to forty and colonel. This is the point where she leaves SG-1 for good. It's a really critical point in her life. As a huge Sam fan, writing this pivotal moment is huge.