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The Order of the Air

A reader asks, "I saw on a review that there was a sequel to Lost Things. What's up with that?"

Yes, there is a sequel. Lost Things is first in a series called The Order of the Air, and our publisher has committed to the series. So far we're anticipating:

2013 Both of these books are set in 1932

Steel Blues -- When the Gilchrist Aviation team tries to win the money to keep the business going by placing first in a coast to coast air race, things get complicated! A stolen necklace, a runaway Russian countess, and a century old curse seem like trouble enough, but then there's New Orleans, and the unsolved murders of the New Orleans Axeman.

Silver Bullet -- A series of mysterious plane crashes in the Rocky Mountains seem like more than coincidence, but what can zap a plane from the sky? A Ptolemaic medallion, a haunted silver mine, and an old underworld acquaintance of Stasi's mean that Colorado Springs is never dull, even in the middle of a Depression winter. When you get in deep enough, there's only one man who can help -- Nikola Tesla!

2014 Both of these books are set in 1935

Wind Raker -- A job in Hawaii testing out a new sea plane seems like a dream come true, a really pleasant task for a change. But a strange archaeological site filled with relics that shouldn't be there, a German naval cruiser, corporate spies after the sea plane, and a German archaeologist determined to find the mysterious Navel of the World shake everything up. Not to mention the added impediment of three orphaned children....

Oath Bound -- Jerry has the big one, the dig in Alexandria he's always wanted. You'd think for once things could go smoothly, but with the Gilchrist Aviation gang debuting the sea plane at an air show in Italy, and his old friend Iskinder being a hunted man, nothing is what it seems, and ancient oaths have enormous power.

2015 The first book is set in 1940, the second in the spring of 1942.

Invisible Wars -- The United States isn't at war, but the Gilchrist Aviation gang is. Jerry is in London, trying to solve an occult mystery that is allowing bombers to locate certain points in the blacked out city, while Alma has joined the RAF's Air Transport Auxiliary, flying Hudson bombers across the North Atlantic. Meanwhile, Mitch and Stasi are spending the summer on the Outer Banks, where the submarine war has started to come awfully close to home.

Night World -- Lewis and Mitch have been activated by the Air Corps and have two months to turn a bunch of boys into fighter pilots. Meanwhile, Jerry has to untangle the last threads spun by an old enemy before the next city in the crosshairs is Washington, DC! But nothing in Washington is what it seems in the spring of 1942....

There will probably be more after that, but that's as far as we've actively outlined. What do you guys think? What looks good? What interests you most?


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Nov. 2nd, 2012 09:58 pm (UTC)
I want all of them!

The best news though is that Crossroads has said they want the series! Last I recall they were still thinking about it.
Nov. 5th, 2012 06:05 pm (UTC)
Yes, they want the whole series! Which is awesome!
Nov. 3rd, 2012 02:16 pm (UTC)
They all sound wonderful. Write faster, darn it! Just kidding - I have a healthy appreciation of how much longer it takes to write than it takes a reader to devour it, but I'm impatient.

If you haven't come across it, you might find this interesting for your WW II era occult research:

I haven't read it yet myself. I'd been hoping to get lucky and find a used copy less insanely priced than what's on Amazon at the moment, but while looking up this link I just discovered that it's been reissued as a print-on-demand book this year. I think I need to go shopping.
Nov. 5th, 2012 06:08 pm (UTC)
I wish I could write faster! But I think two books a year in this series is about what we can do, especially since we both have other books too. I'm glad you think it looks good. It's certainly a lot of fun!

Oh that book looks incredibly useful. Ok, I need it before I get into Invisible Wars. Though Melissa is probably doing the London part and I'm doing the Outer Banks part...
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