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November Monthly Update

It's a beautiful cold day here, with the leaves bright against a perfect blue sky, just the kind of day you'd use to advertise autumn. I hope that all of you are having a wonderful season! I'm looking out at the woods, and listening to Abney Park (She) with a fuzzy black kitten for a doorstop.

The General's Mistress is out and doing nicely -- if you haven't read it, I hope that you do. Love, war, magic -- it truly is my favorite. I hope the sequel sells and that I can tell you that The Emperor's Companion is coming your way next year. The book is entirely finished and ready to go. When Victor is (correctly) arrested for plotting against the government, Elza is blackmailed by the evil minister of police to spy on Josephine. If she doesn't do it, she will be deported to her husband's family in Holland. If she does, she will betray her friends and all she holds most dear, including her own barely remembered oaths. To get out of this, she's going to have to dig deeper, to confront the things she fears most, and become the person she always could be, Companion and oracle.

The next book out is Moebius Squared, my SG-1 book with Melissa Scott. Currently it's at MGM for approval, and it should be out before the end of the year. It takes place a few days after Continuum, and involves both Cameron Mitchell's team and the AU original team left in the past in Moebius. Double the SG-1!

Early in the new year we have Steel Blues, the sequel to Lost Things. Right now it's in copyedits. I understand it will be available in three formats simultaneously, paperback, ebook, and hardcover. This is my first hardcover, which is exciting! It's 1932, and the Great Depression is at its height. The Gilchrist Aviation team is broke, and so they decide that the way to stay afloat is to enter a coast-to-coast air race and win the big prize. Unfortunately, it gets complicated and by the time the race reaches New Orleans they're on a collision course with the unsolved murders of the New Orleans Axeman. But what if one of them knows way too much about the serial killer?

Also early in the year we have The Inheritors, the last book of the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series. It's turned in to Fandemonium for first edits. There's practically nothing I can say about The Inheritors that isn't spoilery! Let's just say there's bound to be a final confrontation with Queen Death!

After that, my next thing up is Silver Bullet, which is probably late next summer, the third Order of the Air book, sequel to Lost Things and Steel Blues. We're about 3/4 done with Silver Bullet, and that's what I'm working on now. A series of mysterious plane crashes call out Lewis and Mitch as reservists to fly search and rescue. But what's causing plane after plane to crash near the old Silver Bullet Mine, which is supposed to be haunted? I'm enjoying this one so much!

I've already talked about The Emperor's Companion, so I think that's it for next year. Ok, five books potentially out in the next fifteen months, and that's crazy! But I seriously would not know what to do with myself if I didn't write this fast. For those of you doing NaNo, I average about 30,000 words per month, so not NaNo speed, but I do that every month. Which solidly comes out to two books a year solo, or four a year if some of them are cowritten.

Any thoughts? Any questions? About anything?


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Nov. 5th, 2012 02:22 pm (UTC)
I am so excited for The Inheritors! I cant wait to see what happens but i really dont want the series to end either! :)
Nov. 5th, 2012 06:27 pm (UTC)
I'm so ambivalent! I hate for the series to be over, but I really want the big finish to come out! I'm torn!
Nov. 5th, 2012 03:54 pm (UTC)
Is the EVIL Minister of Police Fouché?

And here, have a picture of Place de la Concorde I took yesterday afternoon! Elza saw it pretty much as is (minus cars...):

Nov. 5th, 2012 06:28 pm (UTC)
Yes, he's the EEEEVIL Minister of Police! :) You must admit, he makes an ideal villain.

And what a lovely picture! I suppose it's not much different at all, is it? The quality of light in early winter...
Nov. 6th, 2012 03:52 am (UTC)
Does this mean there won't be anymore SGA books, or is it just the end of the Legacy series?
Nov. 6th, 2012 12:30 pm (UTC)
It's the end of the Legacy series. As far as I know it's also the last SGA book currently scheduled. Whether there are more depends on whether MGM renews the licensing agreement or not next spring. If they do, I would gladly do another book, either a "season seven" or a stand alone.
Nov. 10th, 2012 10:22 am (UTC)
Hmm... I hope they do come back with a renewed license, but I ain't holding my breath. So... *cheezy grin* does that mean A Blade of Atlantis might be a project of different kind?
Nov. 10th, 2012 01:37 pm (UTC)
Maybe? Probably?
Nov. 6th, 2012 11:47 am (UTC)
I read 'The General's Mistress' over the weekend. What a treat it was - everything you had hinted at. I enjoyed it tremendously.

The setting, the dialogue and the wonderful cast of characters, not to mention the action and the sex. What more could one want?

I liked Elza/Charles, Corbineau and especially Michel. I simply can't wait to read more about him - I so hope your next book(s) will be published.

Your attention to detail is staggering, from the food, the clothes, the landscapes to such a minute, but very personal thing, as Josephine's bad teeth. I am looking forward to reading more about her. I have always liked her a lot.

And, of course, your Napoleon is terrific, so different from how he is usually portrayed - bravo!

One of my favourite characters from the other books is Mik-el and it is good to meet him again here.

A more personal thing : I like your description of Hephaistion's pyre - it must have been completely overwhelming. Have you seen Buracz's engraving of the reconstruction of the pyre by Jaffé? It is fantastic.
Nov. 9th, 2012 05:44 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad! I'm delighted you enjoyed it, as I'd been hoping you would.

I thought you'd love Michel! He's so very him if that makes sense, so entirely unique. If most people have never seen a character like Elza, they've never seen one like Michel either.

I'm glad the attention to detail works. I've been working on this series for twenty years, and I've done an enormous amount of research. Napoleon, particularly, is also a departure from how he's normally written, especially in English.

I have seen the engraving! It's amazing.

Do you see how Michel is Hephaistion? Only he has not yet met his Alexander....
David Pierre
Nov. 12th, 2012 06:24 am (UTC)
Hurry up Book 6
I can't wait for the Inheritors to come out. Hopefully the license will b renewed and season 7 can begin. Earlier there was a comment about the book coming out early in the year, does that mean the November release date has been changed?
Nov. 12th, 2012 09:38 am (UTC)
Re: Hurry up Book 6
Yes, The Inheritors will be out early in the year. It was switched in the schedule because back in July and August I had childcare issues and basically couldn't get anything done until school started, so I didn't finish up The Inheritors until September. So my editor switched the order and moved Moebius Squared first into the November slot and The Inheritors into Moebius's January slot.
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