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Steel Blues -- Mitch

So, what did you guys think of Mitch in Steel Blues? Any thoughts? Reactions? Things you hope for? How much do you believe Jeff Lanier? What do you think of Mitch and Stasi?


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Jun. 28th, 2013 12:09 pm (UTC)
You really had me wondering if in fact Mitch had been in a bad enough way after the war that he had a psychotic episode, and had done some terrible things while out of his mind. The clues did seem to line up, and his own self-doubts were very persuasive on top of them.

I was glad it didn't turn out that way, but it would also have been interesting to watch them all, including Mitch, wrestle with the moral quandary of whether to follow the letter of the law, or to accept that he hadn't been in his right mind and it served no purpose to punish him now.

Stasi is definitely an interesting character, and a good match for him. I'd like to see more of what made her the person she is come to light.

PS - I did reply to your private message. LJ seems to eat them occasionally, so if you didn't get it please PM me and I'll try to resend it.
Jun. 28th, 2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
Ah! I did not get a private message notification, as I usually do. I just replied to you from email.

I think if it had turned out that Mitch did it, he would have turned himself in because he couldn't be sure he wouldn't do it again. Yes, it seems unlike him, and he wouldn't do it in his right mind, but if he knew that he could go off like that again, he'd want to be locked up. He's unsettled enough by this -- that he knew about the murders and forgot. And he just went off again! Ok, with the help of the necklace, but he has a serious case of shell shock that he thought was better. And now it's unraveled again. Which we'll see in Silver Bullet when they get in a tight spot and Lewis is befuddled that Mitch has his service revolver but he owns no ammunition! Mitch doesn't trust himself with a loaded gun. He dumped all the ammo when he got back from the race.

I'm glad you think Stasi is interesting. She's definitely around to stay. And she has quite a lot of interesting backstory! :)
Jun. 28th, 2013 05:04 pm (UTC)
The idea that a person completely lost several years of their life is a fascinating concept. Especially someone with as checkered a past as Mitch. Is he a villain? Is he just a bystander? Or did he just live in an alcoholic stupor for that time?

Mitch and Stasi is a match made by Osiris. Should be fun to watch. Though if Stasi is going to be mentoring Lewis, that should be an interesting time as well.
Jun. 28th, 2013 05:39 pm (UTC)
I think Mitch has no idea what he was doing during that time. He knows he disembarked in New York and he has a vague idea that he decided to visit a girl named Edie he'd dated in high school who had moved to NY. He wrote to Gil from a bunch of places, from Nashville and Texas and New Orleans. But basically he has no idea what he did for the last half of 1919 and the first half of 1920. He figures he drank a lot.

He doesn't actually remember turning up in Colorado. Gil had asked him to come work with him, and at some point he decided to. His head sort of clears when he was working with Gil and living in the third bedroom at the house, the room that was Lewis's in Lost Things, before he moved out to the apartment over the garage. Jerry was there and he'd had to have his leg amputated, and the four of them just took care of each other. And gradually it got better and his head cleared. But we'll see a lot more of what's been going on in Mitch's head in Silver Bullet!

A match made by Osiris! That is so perfect! Oh yes. Made in some underworld or another. Right now Stasi's wondering how much of what Jeff said is true. What do you think?
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