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How Many Elza Books?

A reader asks, "How many Elza books will there be?"


The General's Mistress, out in 2012
The Emperor's Agent, out August 1, 2013
The Marshal's Lover, out in 2014 (completed and ready to start the editorial process)
The Courtesan's War (now at 55,000 words)
The Spymaster's Gamble (now at 40,000 words)
The Grand Army's Widow (now at 20,000 words)

At least that's the plan! It's possible it could grow to seven, if four and five are too big and need to be three books. In general, The Emperor's Agent is 1804-1805, The Marshal's Lover is 1807-1809, The Courtesan's War is 1809-1812, The Spymaster's Gamble is 1813-1815, and The Grand Army's Widow is mostly in 1826-1828, though the very end is in 1840. Again, the last book may grow into two, as there's a whole lot to put in one book.

The Marshal's Lover is the campaigns of 1807 and 1809 in Poland and Italy, with a great deal of intrigue and spy stuff. The Courtesan's War is Spain and Russia, and a decided turn for the dark. This is the book that flashes back to Lydias in Gedrosia, the other half of Lydias' flash forward in Stealing Fire. Those two section were always planned to meet, and Elza's was written first. The Spymaster's Gamble is mostly the First Restoration, the Hundred Days, and Waterloo and its aftermath. And then The Grand Army's Widow is Elza's final win, or how this doesn't turn out to be Hand of Isis at all. Yes, she can change fate, and she does.

As a friend of mine put it, this series is how Elza turns from a party girl into Dame Judi Dench's M. Elza asked in the first book, "Can you change the world?" In 1840 the answer is yes. The last line is the same as Black Ships. "And the world was mended."


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Jul. 8th, 2013 12:44 pm (UTC)
This doesn't leave time for Lifeboat. Mem wants Lifeboat. She does!
Jul. 8th, 2013 02:45 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping Lifeboat will come in here somewhere. Along with a couple of other things. So often it's a waiting game after a book is written before it sells, sometimes several years. I'm really fortunate that the Order of the Air and the Elza books are bought as a series so that I don't have that lag with them.
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