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Silver Bullet -- my favorite parts

My favorite things about Silver Bullet, in no particular order:

Iskinder! Back in Lost Things when Lewis looked at Alma and Gil's marriage certificate the two witnesses were Mitch and someone named Iskinder Yonas Negasi. Mitch said later that he brought the chaplain and Iskinder got the ring -- the one Jerry wouldn't let her pawn in Paris. In Silver Bullet we finally get to meet Iskinder, and he's as awesome as I knew he was back in Lost Things! Iskinder and Jerry are a force to be reckoned with, and their scenes are some of my favorite in the book.

Tesla! How can you go wrong with Nikola Tesla? He's sort of the guest historical figure in this book. Writing him was an absolute blast. I know my fellow Sanctuary fans will ask if he's a vampire. No, he's (probably) not a vampire. But for serious badassery in his own special way, you can't beat Tesla.

The friendship between Lewis and Mitch. It was really interesting to write this friendship developing. They didn't work together one on one in Steel Blues, and back in Lost Things the teamwork was very spotty, as they lost Davenport in Chicago. But they're learning each other, and in Silver Bullet they make a really good team.

The friendship between Alma and Jerry. Alma and Jerry are the glue that sticks the Lodge together, and it's so great to see them working together and to see the extraordinary love and trust between them.

Alma in Iowa. The scene in the hotel with Alma in Iowa is one of the best things I've written, in my opinion. I cry every time I read it.

Alma's impromptu bombing run. It's my favorite Melissa scene in the book. Alma is just awesome.

Silver Bullet itself. Dude. I have always wanted to write an eldrich horror pulsing with nacreous light!