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Wind Raker

A reader asks, "How's the new (Order of the Air) book coming? When will it be out? What's the best thing about it?"

Wind Raker is almost finished! We have just the final big magic scene and the wrap up left. We should be ready to go to edits in the next couple of weeks.

We don't have a publication date yet, but I am guessing the end of the summer/beginning of fall since Silver Bullet is out in February.

The best thing! Such a hard question. I love this book's guest stars -- Beatrice and George. I love that Jerry finally has a new relationship and he's a really interesting guy. I love seeing the team challenged by something they never anticipated. Most of all, I love the plot with the ongoing villain revealing itself in its full, utterly scary glory! I've thought about posting the scene that gives everyone who reads it the willies, but I can't because it's spoilery for Silver Bullet. So I'll have to wait to share that until after Silver Bullet comes out. I think it's my favorite scene in the book. It's seriously scary, despite nothing happening more than two people talking.

I hope that Bob Eggleton will do the cover. He's done such wonderful covers for the first three.

And after Wind Raker, the next is Oath Bound, which I've been looking forward to tremendously. Jerry goes to Alexandria! On a dig! Y'all know how I love Alexandria, and Jerry is after the big prize -- Alexander's tomb!