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Silver Bullet Spoiler Post

Silver Bullet is out in ebook, and the print book is coming soon. This is the spoiler post for people who want to talk about any of Silver Bullet's big developments. That means there will be spoilers in the comments!

So what do you think of the big developments?

1. Iskinder
2. the medallion that may be the key to the Soma
3. Pelley
4. Alma and Lewis' baby!
5. Mitch and Stasi!

Or Tesla! :)


Feb. 18th, 2014 07:28 am (UTC)
Love the book! Can't wait for Wind Raker!

I'm interested in the baby that might have been Jerry's. No one so far has mentioned that. That is a great twist, not really knowing who the father of that past child was, Gil or Jerry. I'm sure that the thought comes to them (Alma and Jerry) from time to time, but it strikes me that neither of them really talk about it until this book. Do either of them think of that lost life as one more death brought about by the war? Both Gil and Jerry were not in the peak of their health by the time, Gil with the gas damage and Jerry with his leg. Did the boys ever feel that this was just one more wound from the war? That they were the ones who were inadequate? Hmmm...

Pelley is a great villain. Him being a real person only makes him cooler, and I just love his insidiousness. No true idea what his endgame is (of course) but just the opening moves are interesting. Earlier comments on this thread have pointed to the politics and reincarnated souls, all of which are fascinating. An excellent choice. Though, I wonder. If some of the characters (real or fictional) in this series are really reincarnations of people from the past, who is Pelley? Some nobody who just happened to be born into the right life to make his bid for power, or is he someone of historical importance, reliving some past squabble, trying to right what he perceives might have been a wrong? (Reincarnation is a fascinating topic.)

On a lighter note, I was pleased to see Alma using the fur coat that Jerry won in the Race. I'd wondered about that.

Edited at 2014-02-18 07:29 am (UTC)
Feb. 18th, 2014 07:00 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you love it! Wind Raker is finished and in first edits, so hopefully it will be out this year.

I think Gil believed the problem was him and that he wasn't in good enough health to give Alma the child she wanted. And so being Gil he arranged things! In this era before DNA testing, nobody would ever be sure. I think Gil did think he was inadequate. Jerry, on the other hand, never thought so. He's always thanked his lucky stars that some parts of him seemed to come out of this intact!

Pelley is scary. There's a scene with him in Wind Raker which Melissa says is the scariest thing I've ever written. His opening moves are really scary in part because he's waaaaay ahead of our guys! They really do not know what he's doing or what he's after. Some of you guys, like sockich, may guess a bunch of stuff, but the team has no idea. And of course you have hindsight! "The next big crisis in world affairs will begin in 1939." Well, yes. That would be World War II! But they have no idea that it will happen. You do, so you can see exactly how scary this is!

Who is Pelley? That's a really, really good question, and I'm not entirely certain myself. From the scene with Stasi in Wind Raker I was talking about above, I would guess that he's on the French side in the Napoleonic Wars, though not necessarily French himself as there were many allied troops on that campaign, and that he survived the Retreat from Moscow. That's my guess. I would also guess he came out on the winning side of the Roman Civil Wars because of one other line in that scene. But I don't actually know. I think the thing that scarred him so deeply is the events of the Napoleonic Wars. That's the thing he keeps coming back to. I think you're right that he's stuck on something, but I can only kind of partially see what. He's certainly very angry at Michel/George and blames him.

Alma loves that coat! :)