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Silver Bullet Spoiler Post

Silver Bullet is out in ebook, and the print book is coming soon. This is the spoiler post for people who want to talk about any of Silver Bullet's big developments. That means there will be spoilers in the comments!

So what do you think of the big developments?

1. Iskinder
2. the medallion that may be the key to the Soma
3. Pelley
4. Alma and Lewis' baby!
5. Mitch and Stasi!

Or Tesla! :)


Feb. 22nd, 2014 06:47 pm (UTC)
Finished this afternoon, and I have to say through the whole last part of the book I was absolutely BEAMING. Mitch and Stasi! Baby Isadora! Love love love. I loved all the relationship stuff in this, how much fun Mitch and Stasi have together, Jerry and Alma and her pregnancy, and then seeing a little more into the past with Alma, Gil and Jerry too. I love how they're clearly all a little unconventional yet still of their time, their actions and beliefs don't feel incongruous.

The adventure and excitement played out on a smaller scale in some ways this time, but I liked it as it gave time for the relationship aspects to develop more. But there's the foreshadowing of bigger events to come as well, so this did feel like a calm before the storm kind of tale. I am scared now that Lewis is on limited time after Stasi's reading though :(

I guessed the person that Pelley was trying to summon might be linked to Gull etc, but sockich was more on the ball as I see above! I guess Pelley is hoping to harness the belief and power associated with Alexander/Napoleon etc in some way? To influence the outcome of the war? And somehow use Tesla's machine? Anyway I shall wait and see how things play out.

I am glad that the next book will hopefully be out this year, I am so excited to see what happens next :D
Mar. 4th, 2014 01:29 pm (UTC)
Oh! I just found this comment -- the notification must not have been delivered. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply.

I am so glad you liked Silver Bullet! Mitch and Stasi were so much fun to write, and they keep on being fun in the next books. I just love them so much.

Isadora, known as Dora, will be a character in the books to come. The past relationship of Alma/Gil/Jerry is fascinating to me. They're completely unconventional, but then people were. It just wasn't spoken of. And that's the point of the bit at the end with Tesla and the picture. I can't read Tesla's real letters back and forth with Robert and Katharine and NOT see a relationship. It's the only thing that makes emotional sense.

It was definitely a quieter story, staying mostly at home in Colorado rather than traveling the world. Next book they're off to Hawaii, and then Egypt in the one after, so it was time for some quiet. But oh Lewis. He knew at the end of Lost Things that he was Diana's priest until she called him. And of course the reader knows as Lewis doesn't for sure that there will be war. Lewis knows Diana will not spend him lightly.

I guess Pelley is hoping to harness the belief and power associated with Alexander/Napoleon etc in some way? To influence the outcome of the war?

Oh you are on the money! *grins widely* You are so on the money!