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A Blade of Atlantis

A reader asks, "What about this Stargate short story anthology? When is it out? What's your story?"

The anthology will be out this fall, and will feature ten short stories by various authors focusing on various characters from both Stargate Atlantis and SG-1. There's something for everyone! My story is currently at MGM for final approval, and I have my fingers crossed that the edits won't be extensive.

Here's a little taste of it, just to whet your appetite!

This story takes place during the last episode of season one, The Siege Part 2. While waiting for the Wraith hive ships to arrive, and hoping that Daedalus arrives first, Atlantis' defenders engage in a desperate struggle to prepare the city while dealing with the Wraith commando teams who have beamed into the city bent on sabotage. If they could not have held the city until Daedalus arrived, the history of the Pegasus galaxy would have been very different….

Dr. Radek Zelenka crouched behind a corner, listening. The sweat was running down his forehead into his eyes even though it was decidedly chilly in the depths of the city. There were Wraith in the city. They had known that when he and two of Colonel Everett's Marines had set out from the control room to the chair. The chair room itself was secure -- it was the kilometers of corridors between that weren't safe, and Dr. Weir had shut down the city's internal transport system so the Wraith couldn't use it.

And yet it must be done. The chair must be online before the hive ships arrived, and there was no choice but that he go and do it. He had left Rodney to complete modifications to the puddle jumper that was to carry a nuclear warhead, and gone with the Marines.

A nuclear warhead. Radek shook his head. He had been quite determined never to have anything to do with nukes, and see how that had turned out? No, he could not love them for any reason, had always thought he would not use them even to save his own skin, so great a moral evil were they. But, when his skin was indeed on the line, it looked different, as he supposed it always did -- another thing he had learned about himself in Atlantis that was not entirely comfortable.

One of the Marines motioned all clear, and Radek got up carefully. "It's good, doc," he said. "Let's go."

They hurried along the corridor until it opened into a wider area, perhaps some kind of former gallery or store, with floor to ceiling columns of twisted opaque and mirrored glass. It was very pretty, but also deceptive as their reflections shifted with each step. One of the Marines saw movement and spun around, the barrel of his weapon rising. As he moved the reflection changed, revealing the movement to be their own.

"Damn," the Marine said.

"Yeah, don't open up in here unless you have to," the other said, gesturing at the columns. "Breaking all that glass will make a hell of a lot of noise."

"It is distracting," Radek said. "For a moment I thought I saw…."

The Wraith stepped out from behind the glass column, a flash of blue light emanating from his stunner. It caught the two Marines in its beam, dropping them bonelessly to the floor.



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Oct. 2nd, 2014 02:06 pm (UTC)
So am I! I can't wait to read all the other stories in the anthology! :)
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