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Five Things About Lewis

Continuing the five things, five things about Lewis!

1. Lewis Segura was born May 9, 1890 in San Diego, California, making him about a month younger than Alma. Contrary to what people keep assuming, Lewis is not "Mexican." His family has been in California since before it was part of the United States, which happened only forty years before his birth! In fact, some of his ancestors were Native American and have been in California far longer. Lewis is completely bilingual in English and Spanish.

2. Lewis and his two sisters both have Anglicized first names, as his parents thought it would help them navigate two worlds. His name is Lewis rather than Luis, and his sister is Kathy rather than Catalina. Lewis also isn't what people expect because they expect him to be a cowboy, a vaquero, when he's a city boy. Lewis rode the street car to school and has never been on a horse in his life, much less milked a cow or fed chickens.

3. Lewis enlisted in the Army in 1915. He began flying as the tail gunner in a two seater, the job of an enlisted man rather than an officer, and proved very good at it. If one counted the kills he made as gunner rather than pilot, he's an ace with more kills than Mitch, but only the ones as a pilot properly "count." Lewis flew on the Western Front in 1918. When his plane was downed behind enemy lines and the pilot injured, Lewis both found assistance for the wounded man and managed to take off and nurse the damaged plane home, saving the life of the pilot in the process. For this he received the Distinguished Service Cross (there was no Distinguished Flying Cross yet) and a battlefield promotion to lieutenant. He also got his own plane.

4. Lewis is to some extent modeled on my grandfather, who also received a battlefield promotion in 1918 and became unexpectedly an officer and a gentleman. Like my grandfather, Lewis was offered a choice at the end of the war -- to drop back to sergeant and stay in the regular army, or to retain his commission in the reserves. Lewis and my grandfather both chose the latter.

5. Also like my grandfather, Lewis was married and divorced right after the war, a brief marriage that had a lot to do with loneliness and was badly considered. Lewis and Victoria parted after a year, but because he is devoutly Catholic, Lewis can't quite accept his divorce as legitimate. Which makes his marriage to Alma less than legitimate. Despite both being Catholic (at least nominally, on Alma's part) they were married in a civil service at city hall rather than in the Church.


Sep. 30th, 2014 06:27 pm (UTC)
Lewis is my darling :)He's got this...bravery? A willingness to do what it takes? Not that the rest of the lodge doesn't.
I think it's kinda funny that people expect him to be cowboy'd up. I never saw that, he's just always seemed less "home on the range" and more "room service".
Sep. 30th, 2014 06:42 pm (UTC)
Lewis is so brave. And in such an understated way, much of the time. He's not a hot dog, as men of his generation would say. He's Diana's Hunter.

Oh yeah. Lewis is so not at home on the range! As we'll see in Oath Bound!