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Questions Roundup

Hi everybody! I hope you're having a great new year. I got really busy and missed my New Year's post, so here's a questions roundup of everything that people have asked recently.

Dufek Anna asks, "I have read the first 6 books of SGA Legacy and I am very happy that these books exist, because after the end of season 5 I was really disappointed that it was the end of the series. Now I am thinking about buying Unascended but I can not find any information if Todd or Ember are playing a role in it. They are my favourite characters, so it would be great. Could you please tell me that? And after Unascended will there be more SGA Legacy books?"

I'm so glad you enjoyed the first six! Yes, there is an eighth book after Unascended, The Third Path, which Melissa and I are working on. It should be out this summer. Ember is in Unascended quite a bit, and Todd and Alabaster make an appearance, though their role is much smaller than Ember's. Ember is around a lot!

Angelsallfire asks, "May I ask, is Wind Raker still on for February? How is the rest of the series treating you and Melissa?"

Wind Raker is still on for February! The release date is February 15, and the preorders should be up soon. I'll announce as soon as they are.

The rest of the series is going well. We're finishing up Oath Bound, which is the fifth book, the one after Wind Raker. It's so exciting! I knew I was going to love writing Jerry in Alexandria. And oh boy. Just oh boy. Oath Bound will probably be out late next fall. And after that Fire Season, which I've started the research for. Fire Season takes place in 1939 in California and Colorado.

Another Order of the Air question, anonymous asks, "What's the last book? How far forward will you take them?"

The last book we've talked about is Red Star, and it takes place in the winter of 1948-1949 with the Berlin Airlift. Jerry is in Berlin on the trail of the missing Trojan gold of Heinrich Schliemann, and there are of course aerial adventures as well. (selenak, how could I resist Cold War Berlin and Jerry on the trail of the Trojan gold?) Though that may not be the last one. Who knows where it will end?

Anonymous also asks, "Are major characters going to die?

In Wind Raker, no. Over the course of the series, yes. (And I've just spoiled that it's not Jerry, haven't I?)

Another nony asks, "When will there be more Elza?"

Hopefully this spring. I'm rewriting the last three chapters of The Marshal's Lover, as the feedback I had from friends is that it stops at the wrong place -- that essentially the book stops rather than ends and needs to go a little further forward to the resolution of a certain plot. So I'm adding three chapters to get there! (One of the lovely things about small press and ebook sales is that I don't have to absolutely stop at 110,000 words precisely because that's 400 pages to print and the publisher won't go one word over 110,000! I can add another chapter if the book needs it.)

So any other questions? Ask away!