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The Big Picture Post!

I first posted this a year ago, but now that Wind Raker is about to come out I thought I'd share it again -- the big picture post!

It's the spring of 1935 and the team is heading to Hawaii! Here are some of the real people they'll encounter.

Dr Peter Buck pipe

This is Dr. Peter Buck, Jerry's boss for his dig and the director of the Bishop Museum. Dr. Buck, also known as Ti Rangi Hiroa, is a fascinating person, and Jerry is going to learn some unexpected and exciting things from him.

Bea 1935

One of Dr. Buck's museum volunteers is Beatrice Ayer Patton, whose book, The Blood of the Shark he has just written the foreword for. Jerry, and to his surprise Mitch, may have long ago karmic ties with her as well as involvement in the current mystery.

Patton 1930s

This is Bea's husband, George. In 1935 he's a career army colonel in a backwater post where nothing ever happens and nothing will. So why would Diana warn Lewis that he is in terrible danger? Why would William Pelley (who we've met before in Silver Bullet) want to kill him?

Wind Raker

And this is William Pelley himself. Author, screenwriter, editor, occultist -- and now leader of a paramilitary movement -- he's ten steps ahead of the Lodge. How can they stop him when they don't even know what his plans are?

Meanwhile, the German battlecruiser Emden has called in Hawaii on a worldwide training cruise. Melissa has already posted the amazing photos of the Emden actually in Hawaii at this time.

Donitz early

This is the Emden's captain, Karl Dönitz. But is he foe or friend?

Lillian Gatlin car and plane

Lastly, this is Lillian Gatlin, the inspiration for aviatrix Lily Lauder in Wind Raker. We fictionalized her because there is one key thing that we can't prove about Lillian Gatlin -- it's plausible, it's likely, and it's probably true, but since we can't prove it we decided to fictionalize her.

So what do you think? Anything that particularly grabs you?



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Jan. 20th, 2015 09:42 pm (UTC)
Oh, all of it! :)
Jan. 22nd, 2015 04:33 pm (UTC)
I hope you enjoy it! :)
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