jo_graham (jo_graham) wrote,

Homecoming Update

Homecoming is off the presses and en route from the printer to the distributor. So as soon as they arrive, Fandemonium will start shipping books! Of course books that are going through Amazon, Waterstones, etc will take longer, as the books have to ship to them and be entered into their inventory before they offer them for sale. I'm anticipating that Fandemonium will start shipping orders late this week, or possibly Monday given the holiday. As soon as they have them in hand and are ready, I'll post the link here for people who want to order directly from Fandemonium.

Will you like it? I don't know. One of the challenges of picking up at the end of fifth season and venturing into new territory is that you have to start making decisions. We had to decide on directions for the plot and make calls about how certain characters were going to develop -- and those may not be the same decisions you would have made. One thing about leaving it open, with no resolution, is that all futures are equally possible. As soon as you make some of them real, as soon as things happen, doors start closing. And a new path opens up, one that leads some places that we think are fascinating and beautiful. We hope you will too, and will consider our story a beautiful possible resolution for these characters we love!
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